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Alcohol and headaches

Effects on hormones, blood chemistry, the sleep-wake cycle and inflammatory chemicals are also important in the thoroughly lousy feeling we have come to know as a hangover. The effects on other body systems are also important in the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. The kidneys increase urination substantially, leading to dehydration.

Alcoholic neuropathy

  • Many people with migraine find that certain factors trigger their symptoms.
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  • They are then distilled to increase the alcohol content and this process removes the congeners in the alcohol.
  • If not, it can lead to gastritis, stomach ulcers, and GI bleeding.
  • It’s essential to build a support network of understanding people who can not only check in on you during an attack but also empathize with your experience.
  • Let’s look at why alcohol makes your head hurt, what you can do to remedy it, and how to avoid headaches down the road.

This prospective study looked at migraine diaries spanning up to 90 days. Wine, beer, and spirits did not elevate the risk of migraine with aura, but sparkling wine did. People who experience a headache after drinking should not assume that it is a migraine, especially if they have symptoms consistent with other types of headaches. For example, a tension headache may cause pain in the neck or shoulders.

why does alcohol cause migraines

Here is the advice of one wine expert

Some studies have reported that alcohol can trigger a migraine headache in people who are sensitive to it in as little as 30 minutes — or it could take 3 hours. Another thing that remains unclear is whether the type of alcohol you drink determines whether or not you will get a migraine headache. Some studies found that red wine is a main trigger in migraine with aura and cluster type migraine, but they also note that all alcohol could have the same effect. There are many possible triggers for migraine attacks, including stress, bright lights, loud noises, weather changes, certain foods and drinks, and changes in sleep or hormone patterns to name a few. Roughly a third of migraine sufferers say that alcoholic beverages can trigger their migraine attacks. A tenth of migraine sufferers say alcohol is a frequent or consistent trigger.

Headache While Drinking

Different studies report different findings on which type of wine triggers the most migraine attacks. For example, a European study found that 11 percent of migraine sufferers pointed to red wine as the most common culprit. However, a French study showed that 54 percent of the alcohol-induced migraine attacks came after drinking white wine. Histamine, which may be responsible for triggering migraines, is found in far higher quantities in red wine than in white. Red wine contains 20 to 200 times the amount of histamine than white wine. Women are more likely to have migraines triggered by red wine than men.

How long will a cocktail headache last?

Self-medicating with alcohol only creates an unhealthy cycle that can be hard to break, and leads to even more health issues in the long-term. Learning more about your specific health history and drinking habits can help you better understand your risk of alcohol-induced headaches. At Monument, you can speak with a specialized physician, like myself, to get personalized information and care.

Signs & Symptoms

If alcohol only occasionally causes you a headache, then moderation or striking that balance (as opposed to abstinence), may be a more reasonable approach. Drinking plenty of water before having a drink should also help ward a cocktail headache off. Substances such as sulfites, histamine, and tyramines are found in alcohol and may contribute to headaches as well. It has also been proposed that alcohol triggers an inflammatory response that can lead to a headache. It can’t prevent a migraine, but it can help stop one after it starts.

why does alcohol cause migraines

Most people are well aware of the presence of headache, malaise, diarrhea, loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea and sensitivity to light, sound and motion the day after binge drinking. What may be less well recognized is that manual dexterity, memory, reaction time, visual-spatial skills and attention are all adversely affected, even when your alcohol level has fallen back down to 0. Sulphites are often blamed for causing headaches too (though not migraines specifically),9 and white wine usually contains higher levels of sulphites than red wine. Among people who find alcohol can trigger a migraine, most find that any alcoholic drink can trigger one, but others may find that particular drinks are more of a problem.

  • Often patients who use the N1-Headache app are very motivated and are keen to identify their triggers,” he said.
  • Turning to technology Study design may also play a role in the inconclusive findings on the relationship between alcohol intake and migraine.
  • In some studies, about one-third of people living with migraine reported alcohol as a migraine trigger (at least occasionally).
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome can occur when a person is exposed to alcohol before birth.
  • Consumption varies greatly between cultures, regions, and between individuals, a fact which may explain why different studies have found opposing results.
  • While migraine thankfully does not affect fertility, it can complicate conversations about family planning and infertility treatments.
  • This study investigates the importance of alcohol as a migraine trigger factor, the prevalence of alcohol consumers and the mechanism of headache provocation.
  • But if you’re prone to migraine headaches, drinking even a small amount of alcohol can bring on an attack.

If you are struggling with alcohol abuse or other dependency issues, there are many resources that are ready to help. Whether or not alcohol is a migraine headache trigger is debatable. While some people do experience migraine headaches after drinking alcohol, not everyone does. Early effects of alcohol can dull sensations and have an analgesic effect, but as alcohol leaves the body it can have the opposite effect and actually increase sensitivity to pain.

However, if you already have a headache, it is a good idea to stop drinking. If both stress and alcohol are migraine triggers for you, combining them won’t do you any favors. In addition to this, people are sometimes more likely to drink more when they are feeling stressed and a little reckless.

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